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Smoking Facts

As you well know, smoking is bad for your health, but despite this people continue to do it around the world. Here are some interesting (and frightening) facts about smokers worldwide: Initial Facts One third of adult males around the world… Read More »

Health Resources

At BREATHE LA we strive to provide research to better understand lung diseases and provide research and education for individuals searching for help.



BREATHE LA provides programing to Los Angeles County residents addressing Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Lung Health and Environmental concerns such as poor air quality. To learn more about these programs please click here:

Programs Programa


BREATHE LA is actively working to ensure the implementation of local and state policies that promote emissions control and reduction, as well as education and prevention initiatives surrounding lung disease. A major focus is currently underway to aid in the implementation of AB 32 regarding Climate Change. BREATHE LA is also actively involved in the Los Angeles 30/10 Plan to expedite public transportation plans already approved for Los Angeles County.

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Get Involved

Please take the time to get involved with BREATHE LA. We have opportunities to get involved with the Board of Directors, Young Professionals program, internships, advocacy and special events.

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Our Mission

Promoting clean air and healthy lungs through research, education, advocacy and technology.

Our Vision

To protect the breath of life by eliminating the causes of lung disease and reducing the suffering of those afflicted by lung disease.

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